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The Maine GHG process is comprised of many different individuals and organizations representing government, industry, environmental and consumer groups. These members include stakeholder representatives who are working on the stakeholder advisory group, on one or more of the topical working groups, or both.

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SG- Stakeholder Advisory GroupBF- Buildings Facilities & Manufacturing
ES- Energy & Solid WasteAF- Agriculture & Forestry
TL- Transportation & Land UseEP - Education/Public Awareness
RP- Science & Economic Policy
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Members in 'Education/Public Awareness'
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Organization Representative SG BF ES AF TL RP EP
Advanced Management Catalyst, Inc. Dan Thompson
Chewonki Foundation Peter Arnold
DEP Commissioner's Office Malcolm Burson
Maine Council of Churches Andy Burt
Maine DEP Peter Cooke
Maine DEP Debbie Avalone-King
Maine Public Health Association Saskia Janes
National Resources Council of Maine Mark Hays
Nereus Communications Tatiana Brailovskaya
University of Maine - Machias Jon Reisman
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