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The Maine GHG process is comprised of many different individuals and organizations representing government, industry, environmental and consumer groups. These members include stakeholder representatives who are working on the stakeholder advisory group, on one or more of the topical working groups, or both.

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SG- Stakeholder Advisory GroupBF- Buildings Facilities & Manufacturing
ES- Energy & Solid WasteAF- Agriculture & Forestry
TL- Transportation & Land UseEP - Education/Public Awareness
RP- Science & Economic Policy
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Members in 'Transportation and Land Use'
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Organization Representative SG BF ES AF TL RP EP
Alliance of Auto Manufacturers Gregory Dana
Androsscoggin Valley Council of Governments Robert Thompson
Associated Constructors of Maine John Butts
Coalition for Sensible Energy Pam Person
Department of Environmental Protection John Wathen
Department of Environmental Protection James Brooks (alternate)
Department of Human Services / Bureau of Health Phil Haines
Department of Transportation Greg Nadeau
Dragon Products Ann Thayer
Environment Northeast Michael Stoddard
Gosline & Reitman Jonathan Reitman
Greater Portland Council of Government Steve Linnell
Grow Smart Maine Lisa Fahay
GrowSmart Maine John Piotti
GrowSmart Maine Jackie Sartoris
Maine Automobile Dealers Assoc., Inc. Tom Brown
Maine Automobile Dealers Association Virginia Davis (Alternate)
Maine Better Transportation Association Maria Fuentes
Maine Council of Churches Andy Burt
Maine DEP Lynn Cayting
Maine Department of Transportation Duane Scott (Alternate)
Maine Lung Association Chuck Hazzard (Alternate)
Maine Motor Transport Association, Inc. Dale Hanington
Maine Oil Dealers Association Patti Aho (Alternate)
Maine Snowmobile Association Bob Meyers
Maine State Legislature Ted Koffman
Maine State Legislature Raymond Pineau
Maine State Planning Office Paula Thomson
Maine State Senate Senator Chris Hall
Maine Tourism Association Carolyn Manson
Maine Turnpike Authority Conrad Welzel
Natural Resources Council of Maine Sue Jones
Physicians for Social Responsibility Raina Rippell
The Nature Conservancy Kate Dempsey
University of Maine Jonathan Rubin
Wright-pierce Engineering Norm Gridley
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